Monday, January 26, 2009

GTD thoughts

Since I started using GTD it has struck me how much of what I don't do but should do isn't because I can't do it or forget to do it but rather that I am just unwilling to do it.

For example I've been half-intending to switch from my normal savings account to an ISA tax-free savings account for a while now. The reason I haven't done it is I am somewhat unwilling to put up with the £10 a month standing order.

That's it.

I have however created my own version of Eston Bond's Moleskine-based system of productivity.

So far I've written down all the things I need to do. Some clearly require more extended projects and as such have their place in the projects section.

I think I will continue using it for a while, but I will be open to on-the-fly modifications of the system (it's worth reading Bond's own method here to familiarise yourself with it).


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