Monday, January 04, 2010

If I were PM...

...I would cease all government activity for the entirety of my first term. No legislation should be produced, and MPs should return to their constituencies and concentrate on casework.

The results of this would be that any major issues in the way the state operates would be highlighted and after five years of non-interference from central government it would be possible to clearly identify what the *actual* problems are as opposed to the problems caused as an inevitable side-effect of managerialist power politics.

It would also mean the media would suddenly have nothing to talk about. This could have two positive effects on different areas of the media:

a. Tabloids could do away with all the boring bits and shift their *entire* output to celebrity gossip.

b. Broadsheets might be persuaded to concentrate on more important questions than who is up or down in the Westminster bubble. The self-consciously serious could spend the entire five years in argument about what is really important to do at the end of the five years.

Further if there are any major economic crises during this period the absence of a centralised government to coordinate a response would serve as a demonstration to vulgar libertarians that having a government is sometimes quite a good idea.

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