Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is a list of projects that need to be undertaken:

  • Remove disease as a factor in people’s lives. Cure all diseases of both the body and, if necessary or desirable, the mind.
  • Achieve indefinite longevity for adult humans.
  • Build a space-based self-sufficient habitat that is completely independent from the Earth.
  • Build a space elevator.
  • Build a comprehensive network of subterranean detectors that can warn people in advance of earthquakes and other traumas.
  • Take all the nuclear weapons currently available for use on Earth and fly them out some considerable distance into space. Set them off, either simultaneously or in smaller groups. Use the immense electromagnetic “flashes” created by these events to map the location and velocity of all the objects in the inner solar system larger than a few tens of metres across, by observing the reflected electromagnetic radiation.
  • Any of the aforementioned objects that might collide with the Earth should be tagged, first by unmanned probes, and then their velocities must be altered such that they do not collide with Earth, or are directed into a safe orbit for use in the construction of the space habitats or space elevators.
  • Research into various areas of human enhancement should achieve the ultimate aim of giving people choices over how intelligent they are, and how good they can be at any physical or mental task.

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Brian Dunbar said...

Build a space elevator.

Dude. We're working on that. If it's possible it will be along, by and by.

Brian Dunbar