Sunday, January 27, 2008

False Positives on Holocaust Memorial Day

My antisemitism meter keeps throwing up false positives.

Is it me, or is there something about the Jawas from the successful sci-fi epic Star Wars that resembles the more degenerate stereotypes of jewish people?

1. "Jawa" sounds a little bit like "jew"

2. The jawas wander around Tatooine selling wares

3. The jawas all end up murdered by Imperial Storm Troopers

It's probably that cultural cliches of this type are found scattered throughout literature, and part of the success of the Star Wars franchise was it's adoption of a lot of the old favourites of cinema and epic multi-generational drama.

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lelly said...

paranoia, science fiction are in my humble opinion very apt labels for this post...:P
I dunno, I've never given much thought to this, but off my own bat Im gonna say its just you.. Nice blog anyway.