Monday, January 07, 2008

Coming Up...

Questions: "Are some cultures inherently superior to others?" "Is there a God and should I give a crap?" "What mobile phone will I buy?" "Will anyone read this blog?" "Will I pass my January exams?" "Why can't I get a girlfriend?" "Who will win the presidency of the USofA?" and "Are all these questions connected?"

Lists: "My to-read list for 2008." "Books I have read."

Analysis: "Discussions surrounding the World Question Centre [What have I changed my mind about?]."

1 comment:

lelly said...

1) no, just different.
2)No, at least not like the one in organised religion
4)*reading*...hmm, interesting
5) good luck
7)RON PAAAAULLL. no, probably Clinton or Romney *shudder*

Connected? only in your brain.